SMEs project is a ready-bulit factory for Sales & Rent,
managing by Hi-Tech Industrial Estate. The factory are multi-purpose for
industrial production/warehousing, office space included.

Our project situate on the main Asia Highway No.32, easy for transportation.
The project is in collaboration with Industrial Estate Authority Of Thailand (IEAT) which act as a one stop service.
This is including for applying both building construction & factory
operation license, land possession by foreign investors, entry of foreign skilled workers.
The project is flooded-free as it is under protection by flood protection.

Advance Deposit 6 mths
Minimum Rental Period 3 yrs
Rental Rate 175 Bhts/sqm/mth
Property Tax Payer Customers

Our ready to move factory also you can purchase it if our specification is match to your requirement.
Kindly contact our person in charge.

Maintenance Fees 4,000 Bhts/unit/mth
Industrial Water 21 Bhts/m3
Industrial Water Treatment 8 Bhts/m3
Refuse 2.5 Bhts/m3
*** Amount of water treatment is calculated from 80% of industrial water usage x 8 bhts e.g. water usage 100 m3, water treatment = (100 m3 x 80%) x 8 bhts = 640 bhts


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