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Speech of Director

Our Hi- Tech Industrial Estate will soon celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2019. We had experienced all kind of hardships; from Gulf War in 1992, the infamous Tom Yum Kung Financial Crisis in 1997, the Hamburger Crisis in 2009, Thailand great flood in 2011, etc. It makes us stronger and ready to face any difficulties.

We have rebuild all facilities and constructed a flood protection of 11 km long to reassure to all investors.

In 2013, Hi-Tech Industrial Estate had expanded to a highland in Kabinburi, Prachinburi Province, East of Bangkok. It is an inland cluster for the Eastern Economic Corridor. It takes only an hour by car from the Cambodia border. It is gateway for AEC toward eastern borders of Thailand, which will be supported for logistics and automotive production based.

After we have finished construction for the flood protection, we are now preparing for the dry spell/water shortage for the coming seasons as it has been forecasted/predicted be more drought-tolerant in the future. We had built Water Intake Phase II to handle with any long dry season.

Moreover, we now prepared to increase the capacity of our water supply from 40,000 cubic meters per day to 60,000 cu. m./day (started from first quarter of 2016 and to support two of our new power plants project, gas turbine power plants of capacity 120 MVA each. A joint venture with Gulf JP,

The project have already been given a greenlight for environmental impact assessment (EIA) from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The project started construction and commissioning by 2019.

With our experienced management team, we are confident that we can offer our clients a better service.

For a competitive production and logistics bases.

Mr.Thavich Taychanavakul
Managing Director

In Ayutthaya we have 2 available big plots (18 Rai and 55 Rai). If you are interested kindly contact our sales at Head office 02-237-8111-5

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