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We investors are concerned about the devastating 2011 flood, what measurements has
Hi Tech Industrial Estate done since the last flood ?

Having experienced such a disastrous flood, it made us reflect on what we have to do to in order to protect our customers in the Estate. We have therefore constructed a 11 km long dike around our estate and our dike is difference from others. We used gel sheets instead of piles as this method provides more strength and no gaps (which piles otherwise would have). Having the confidence that we are safe and protected makes us feel at ease.

What are some good selling points when compared with other Industrial Land in the Ayuttaya area ?

Our Project is next to a Highway with a U-turn bridge nearby only several hundred meters from our gate which makes it easily accessible to Bangkok and up North. Traffic is well monitored in this area, due to the controlled smooth traffic flow, staffs and workers are not stressed in the morning and evening.

Are there any traffic problem in and out by cars ?

Similar answer to 2. There is no heavy traffic in the morning and in the evening compared to other Industrial land. Our Estate land is not extruded as a long shape so it is easily accessible to the gate.

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