faqHi-tech kabin industrial estate


Is there a possibility that we can face floods?

Our Estate is located at a highland area in Kabinburi with an average height of 29m, therefore, there are no worries about flood. In addition, the access from and to Bangkok is also flood free.

Are there any difficulties with finding workers ?

There are no worries associated with the shortages and difficulties of finding workers. This is because our Estate is located just by E-Sarn, meaning it is easy to find workers from that area where workers are supplied to all industrial project in Thailand.

Does your project have a rental factory ?

No, we do not have rental factory but in our project Hemaraj Land and Development Co., Ltd. there are rental factory businesses. You can contact their Bangkok Office.

Are there water shortages ?

We have prepared a big water source to prevent from water shortage. Even heavy water user can operate a factory in the Estate. You are welcome and we would be glad to take care of you.

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