Hi-Tech Industrial Estate is aware of the necessity in providing training in Industrial personnel at all levels in the latest modern technologies and skill development for technicians and abilities to cope with most up-to-date technology.

Ayutthaya Technical Training Center (ATTC) is the joint cooperation between Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, King Monkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok (KMITNB) and the industrial sector. ATTC was officially established in January 1994 with the following aims :

To facilitate the recruitment of skilled staff for industries in Hi-Tech Industrials Estate and nearby areas.

To prepare highly competent technicians for all industries.

To prepare highly competent technicians for all industries.

The equipment and technology are being supported by private sector : Canon Inc. Ltd. , Mitsutoyo Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd. with the support in the transfer of technology from Overseas Vocational Training Association (OVTA) of Japan. The support from government sector include : The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), Ministry of Industry, Department of Vocational Education and Ministry of Education.

ATTC is the first non-profit technical training center, inaugurated by private sector. It is an ideal model for the cooperation among private sector with government educational institute and supported by private sector. Besides that, ATTC also serves as the center for developing high and middle-level skill personnel in line with The Eight National Economic & Social Development Plan (1997-2001) which gives high priority to human resource development, emphasizing "manpower", making it the central target of development. The objective of providing training center within the industrial estates will increase in status and be a trend for upgrading human resources and development of Thai Industries throughout the country.

In Ayutthaya we have 2 available big plots (18 Rai and 55 Rai). If you are interested kindly contact our sales at Head office 02-237-8111-5

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