Water Treatment PlantUtilities


Wastewater Treatment System is a biological wastewater treatment system. An aerobic process is called an activated sludge treatment system. In order to be able to treat waste water from industrial effluent in industrial estates, the effluent quality is standardized by the Ministry of Industry.

Wastewater treatment plants will receive wastewater from various factories. The following details.

Volume and property of wastewater.

Volume 20,800.0 m3/Day
pH 6-8  
BOD 200.0 Mg/Liter
COD 300.0 Mg/Liter
SS 200.0 Mg/Liter
FOG 50.0 Mg/Liter

Property of treated wastewater

pH 5.5-9.0  
BOD <20.0 Mg/Liter
COD <120.0 Mg/Liter
SS <50.0 Mg/Liter
FOG <5.0 Mg/Liter

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